Version : 3.20 (17/03/2007)

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AstroCalc is also available in French and in 4 other languages !
(Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, German)

AstroCalc enables you to :
- To calculate the position of planets and give their appearance.
- To calculate hours of Rising/Transit/Setting
- Visualization of the apparent diameter of planets ones compared to the others…
- Visualization of the position of planets on the ecliptic.
- Visualization of planets in heliocenric position.
- Positions of the satellites around Jupiter, as seen from Earth.
- Calculate the position of comets...
- Download the appearance of the sun directly on web ( SoHo ).
- And many other possibilities.....
The calculations are based on algorithms from Jean MEEUS
("Calculs Astronomiques à l'usage des amateurs") as well as personal adaptations for special events.
The accuracy is of course limited, however this accuracy is sufficient for every amateur astronomer.
Compatible with Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP

CroTool makes it possible to record, to manage Report of Astronomical observation (CROA)…
-Crotool is equipped with many fields (59) which you can fill to compile all your information of observations
-Additional fields make it possible for the astrophotographer to record their parameters, whether it is with a webcam, CCD, or a Numerical Camera.
-CoTool can export a CROA into a .txt file to be able to print it, or to directly copy into the clipboard to be able to send it by email...….

Thanks to contact me for any question --->

Notice that the ZIP archive contains subdirectories. Thus, you have to activate an appropriate option ("Use folder names" or similar) of your archiving tool (WinZIP or similar) before extracting !

Terms and conditions :
"AstroCalc" is a freeware. You can freely install and use an unlimited number of copies for your personal usage or redistribute it.
Programming :
This program is entirely written with DELPHI 7

Literature :

Planetary maps :
Björn Jónsson's homepage :

Planetary Ephemerides:
[1] Jean MEEUS : Calculs Astronomiques à l'usage des amateurs, Société Astronomique de France, 1986
[2] Jean MEEUS : Astronomical Algorithms, Willmann-Bell, Inc. PO Box 35025, Richmond, Virginia 23235, 1991
[3]Planetary satellites calculation between 1997 and 2020 use posxy by J.-E. Arlot, Ch. Ruatti, D.T. Vu et  W.Thuillot, Bureau des Longitudes. The program diffpos.f was rewritten by Patrick Chevalley in Pascal and include in a DLL.

Thanks :
Les membres du Forum Luniversalis
Grischa Hahn ( WinJupos ) (Calculs des différents systèmes de rotation de saturne, méridien central...)
Patrick Chevalley ( Carte du Ciel ) (Affichage des planètes avec OpenGL...)
Cyprien Pouzenc (Paritcipation dans la réalistation de CroTool...)
Jean Pierre Richaume (Test de CroTool v3.1...)
Stefan Neumann (traduction en Allemand)
Oleg Maliy (traduction en Russe et Ukrainien)
Isaac Lozano Rey (traduction en Espagnol)
Gilbert Javaux ( Site PGJ )
Pierre Noirmain (Planetarium gratuit)
Jean Goreau

Et merci à tous les autres utilisateurs m'ayant contacté pour me faire des suggestions d'amélioration ou me rapporter divers bugs de fonctionnement ...

Robert Mauran
Daniel Pastuszak,
Damien Vautier,
Daniel Gaudelette,
André Debackère,
Michel Marcel,
François Debricon,
Frank Tyrlik,
Roger Sartelet,